Safety First

McNeill is committed to promoting and protecting the health and safety of all employees, visitors and sub-contractors.

As a result of this focus on managing health and safety, McNeill has attained accreditation in ACC’s Workplace Safety Management Programme. We continually strive to enhance and improve our safety management processes across the whole company.

We work with our clients to ensure all our projects are delivered on time and without delays caused by injury or illness.

McNeill is committed to:

  • compliance with relevant legislation, codes of practice and regulations
  • ensuring every job is done safely and without injury
  • accurate accident and near miss reporting and investigation
  • regularly measuring our performance against designated health and safety responsibilities
  • developing business leaders who are competent, accountable and committed to health and safety
  • encouraging participation in health and safety at all levels of the company
  • training our staff in safe methods of work
  • ensuring all our safety systems are effective, efficient and understood by all staff members at all levels of the business.