Pumping Services

Pump design


We use the latest recognised computer software in New Zealand to design tailor-made systems to suit any size water and pumping project. 

We have developed both internal and external training courses to support pumping design systems, recognised and supported by leading pump manufacturers and the New Zealand Plumbers and Gasfitters Association.

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Rural Water/Reticulation 


Our speciality is designing irrigation and stock water systems with the best use of water and which ensure the greatest distribution over large areas. We have the advantage over our competitors in that we specialise in the design of the bore, with the reticulation and final distribution working as one complete system. This ensures you both the most efficient methods and the most cost-effective use of water.



We can design systems incorporating cyclone separation, micro filtration, sand and media filtration along with UV and chemical treatment for a wide range of uses in rural, domestic and industrial markets. Due to the range of issues and techniques required to achieve the right results we start with a water sample. For the best design we need to know what we are dealing with before we can identify what you need.



We provide a variety of designs for pumping and filtration systems and at the same time we ensure all the latest technological advances are available. Smart pumps and integrated control systems interfacing is part of the package we have to offer.




We provide simple cost-effective solutions to manage the needs of the modern home, including filtered drinking water, balanced water pressures between hot and cold, swimming pool supplies, garden water, water treatment and a lot more.