Piling Services



Recent projects include:

  • Container Wharf: Port Otago
  • Stirling Boiler House Project: Balclutha
  • The Southern Motorway: Dunedin
  • Rail Bridge 81: Greymouth.

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Franki piles

  • Used predominantly in construction, particularly industrial buildings
  • Wadded out base material provides founding strength for load-bearing piles
  • Unlimited depth
  • ​Wadded pile 250mm to 500mm in diameter.


  • Calweld rigs and Sumitomo piling crane.        

Cast in-situ piles

  • Widely used in the construction of a variety of structures, from bridges to high-rise buildings
  • Permanent steel reinforcing
  • Rotary bored from 400mm to 2m in diameter.


  • Calweld rigs and Sumitomo piling crane.

Shell piles

  • Filled with raw concrete; reinforcing to specification
  • Rotary bored from 600mm in diameter
  • Smaller diameter enables greater depth.


  • Calweld rigs, DR24 and Sumitomo piling crane.

Driven piles

  • Used predominantly for bridges (particularly road bridges) and wharves
  • Piles are available in steel, concrete or treated timber
  • Range up to loading of 1400knw
  • Universal Columns (UC) driven from 250 to 400mm in diameter.

Piles are held in machine’s stiff leg using two saddles: one on top and one on the bottom. The machine is set up over pile position. The hammer is lifted. The pile is lifted, placed in position and driven to the required depth using a tonne-specified hammer based on pile mass.


  • Sumitomo piling crane.