Dairy effluent services and management

We help you with the effluent management process, from design and installation through to separation and application.

We offer the highest quality products and are committed to offering solutions that are not only good for the environment but that also maximise returns by increasing production through efficient re-use of wastes and controlled application.

Our exclusive Bauer range ticks all these boxes with equipment built to the most stringent European standards.

McNeill’s systems provide dairy and agricultural solutions to meet the ever-stringent dairy effluent code requirements.

The use of Bauer separation offers farmers the most effective nutrient split and provides the most efficient re-use of nutrient from dairy effluent. In removing solids from liquid as a first-stage treatment the anaerobic process is eliminated greatly reducing odour and enhancing preservation of nutrient content, thereby maximising returns gained from land application.

One-third of the nutrient value is held in the dry matter extracted so this allows nutrient application during wet periods.

The liquid content (approximately two-thirds of total nutrient) can be applied in accordance with the new code during dry periods.

With approximately one-third of the year being wet, this nutrient split matches the climate well. It helps minimise peak nutrient loads, mitigating risks of nutrient leaching into waterways as well as over-application.

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We'll ensure your effluent system ticks all the boxes:

  • cost-effective
  • efficient
  • compliant
  • operational savings
  • maintained
  • nutrient-loading
  • long-lasting
  • easy to use.