Water Services


We drill, design and construct bores for:
  • domestic clients
  • irrigation
  • lifestyle blocks
  • farm supply
  • town supply.

Drilled wells with electric pumps are used all throughout the world and will typically range from three to 300 metres deep.

Our drilling machines use a segmented, heavy walled, steel drilling string, made up of six-metre sections. The drill rods are threaded together with a drill bit or another drilling device at the cutting face.

Air and/or water is used as a circulation medium to discharge cuttings and clear the drill bit face during the drilling.

Our drilling machines install a steel casing into the bore in unison with the drilling of the actual bore hole.

We offer a no obligation, onsite quote to suit your requirements. This service includes drilling, equipment, materials casing and labour.

We can arrange or supply related items such as:

  • removal and disposing of drilling/bore waste
  • submersible pumps
  • storage tanks or systems for water
  • electrical installation of the pumping system.