The right ingredients for the best results

A complete package on offer

Our ability to offer clients turn-key operations in drilling, distribution and pumping services sets us apart from our competitors. Every operation we undertake is fully supported by effective, modern equipment, quality systems, and expert operators with extensive industry experience.

By taking responsibility for turn-key operations we have built up an excellent reputation for getting the job done well and standing behind all our work.

Modern equipment and knowledgeable staff

Our extensive drilling plant predominantly comprises wheeled units to make us highly mobile, versatile and a cost-effective choice for all our customers. We provide water bore, geotechnical and piling truck rigs, piling crane crawlers and an anchor and drainage rig.

All equipment is expertly operated by key McNeill staff and rig offsiders, many of whom have built their careers with us. Our ten key drilling employees have an impressive 260 years of collective experience.

Experience and industry skills

We understand our local geology and the prevailing conditions. From the sodden, sedimentary earth of Southland to the dry rock of Central Otago, we have the industry knowledge and experience required to consistently achieve the best results.

When it comes to difficult situations, McNeill team members are expert problem solvers with a proven-to-be- successful track record for thinking outside the square. We know from experience that communication with our clients is vital to create the innovative solutions, which continue to meet all expected outcomes.

Recent major projects

Our drilling crews have worked on nearly all the major projects in Otago and Southland, plus many others in South Canterbury and over on the West Coast. This includes the Southland coalfield investigation, Clyde Dam, Pegasus Town development and the geotechnical work at Kawarau Falls.

Safety by choice, not by chance

McNeill’s is a WSMP ACC-accredited company, which is committed one hundred percent to health and safety management through rigorous and regularly updated protocols, site-specific management plans and meticulous plant maintenance.